Banana Berry Breakfast Slice

In summer, we pretty much live on my Almond & Maple Granola for breakfast, served with Greek yoghurt, fresh berries and mango. But chilly winter mornings call for something a bit warmer – so it’s either porridge, or something else I can prep ahead and reheat. Like this Banana Berry Breakfast Slice.

I love how flexible this recipe is – I can use different nuts or seeds, different fruits, different milks, different flours… making it a great budget-friendly way to use what I have on hand. And it’s also a fabulous way to use up a couple of spotty bananas at the end of the week (because there’s only so much banana bread you can eat!)

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Mexican Spice Mix

Making your own spice mixes is a great way to save money – and avoid the additives and fillers in many store-bought spice blends and packet mixes. And it doesn’t require a load of fancy ingredients, either. My spice collection is literally 20 jars and that’s it. With those I can create a variety of different blends for a whole range of different cuisines. Just like this Mexican Spice Mix, which is an absolute staple in our house.

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Rainbow Fruit Pizza

As we head towards Christmas, I know many of you are looking for recipes to make the day easier. How about making the day a little healthier too? This dessert pizza, with its delicious rainbow fruit topping, has all the appeal of a fruit-laden pavlova, without the sugar crash that comes after!

You can easily cook up the wholesome base in advance, ready to top with cream cheese and all that beautiful summer fruit. The kids and grown ups alike will love it!

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Spelt Pumpkin Scones

Last fortnight, I shared by Cheese & Chive Spelt Scones recipe, but by popular demand on my Instagram stories, I’m now doubling down on scones with my sweet pumpkin version.

My kids absolutely love these for afternoon tea or in their lunchboxes. I love that they get a little bit of extra veg in their day and it’s a great way to use up that random wedge of pumpkin hanging out in the fridge. In fact, if I find myself with some pumpkin and no plan to use it, I steam and freeze it in one cup portions ready to thaw and use in this exact recipe.

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Gnocchi Traybake

My love for traybakes runs deep. Chop some meat and veg, add some flavour, whack it all on a tray and put it in the oven. Job done. What’s not to love about that type of cooking method? That’s how easy this gnocchi traybake is.

I shared this recipe recently as part of my One Pan Wonder Week challenge and it got some rave reviews. It makes the most simple and tasty dinner – a delicious combination of gnocchi, chorizo and fresh veggies, sprinkled with parmesan. It’s the ultimate in family-friendly easy comfort food. Perfect on those days where you just can’t be bothered, but you know you still have to feed everyone.

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Almond & Maple Granola

Granola makes for a delicious start to the day. It’s a great way to pack in wholegrains, seeds and nuts for a healthy dose of fibre, protein and good fats. But store-bought granolas can be expensive. And they often pack a pretty hefty sugar and oil punch too. So making your own is a great way to adapt it to your tastes and make it just that little bit better for you.

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Honey and Soy Marinade

This is my go-to recipe for a simple marinade without the questionable ingredients (hello flavour enhancers) you might find in pre-marinated meat or in a bottled marinade in the supermarket.

It is super versatile and can be used on chicken, beef, pork or fish (especially salmon). Whether you’re having a poolside barbecue in the height of summer or craving slow-cooked comfort food in the depths of winter, this marinade has you covered. It even works as a stir fry sauce for a speedy mid-week dinner.

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Frugal Friday – Pizza/Pasta Sauce

I love taking advantage of specials on fruit and veggies to help us to eat healthy food for less. My kids love homemade pizza (and so do we!), so I always try to make sure I keep a stash of homemade sauce in the freezer ready for our weekend pizza-making activities. When I saw that my local greengrocer had some beautiful ripe tomatoes reduced for quick sale, I grabbed a couple of packages and made this simple and delicious sauce. It is so simple it’s one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type recipes. Continue reading