Mexican Spice Mix

Making your own spice mixes is a great way to save money – and avoid the additives and fillers in many store-bought spice blends and packet mixes. And it doesn’t require a load of fancy ingredients, either. My spice collection is literally 20 jars and that’s it. With those I can create a variety of different blends for a whole range of different cuisines. Just like this Mexican Spice Mix, which is an absolute staple in our house.

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Three Simple Christmas Salads

To help you keep things simple, but still delicious over the holidays, today I’m sharing with you my three favourite side salads to serve on our Christmas table. Each of them only has three core ingredients, and the dressings all use the same pantry staple ingredients, so you won’t be buying things you’ll never use again. They can all be easily multiplied to make big batches to serve a crowd, and they are all fabulous to make if you need to take a plate to a gathering over the festive season. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do in our family.

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Cheese & Chive Spelt Scones

I absolutely love scones. And while there’s not much that beats a warm fluffy scone fresh from the oven, topped with jam and loads of freshly whipped cream, the savoury version is pretty good too. These cheesy delights are quick to mix and bake. Cheese & Chive spelt scones make a perfect afternoon tea or lunchbox snack. They are also fantastic served as part of a ploughman’s lunch board with cheeses, pickles and cold meats, or as a delicious side to a bowl of warm soup.

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salmon salad

Super Salad Dressings

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably craving salads right about now. With all the excesses of the silly season, the desire for loads of fresh, crunchy veggies is strong. But the same salad day after day can get pretty boring. Changing the ingredients is one thing, but to take your salad to the next level, you need a tasty dressing. Not only does a dressing help your salad taste better, using a dressing with some oil or other fat in it will also help you to better absorb the nutrients in  your salad veggies.

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Fritter Frenzy

I’ve been using up what was delivered in the veggie box this week, and fritters came to mind. On Tuesday, we had pumpkin, zucchini and haloumi fritters with salad. I’ve made zucchini and haloumi fritters dozens of times before, but I had some leftover roasted pumpkin so I thought I’d add that in too.

The fritters were absolutely delicious! So much so that when I asked my husband what had happened to the leftovers, he sheepishly replied that there weren’t any. He had eaten the entire batch I had left out for him after touch footy!

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