Too Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Who doesn’t love pulled pork? And who doesn’t love coming home to the mouth-watering smell of dinner already cooked and waiting for you? Heaven.

This pulled pork is so easy. Make up the marinade paste the night before, quickly rub it onto the pork in the morning and whack it in the slow cooker for the day – job done! All you need to do is make a simple slaw and grab some buns or wraps and you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser for dinner.

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Frugal Friday – Pizza/Pasta Sauce

I love taking advantage of specials on fruit and veggies to help us to eat healthy food for less. My kids love homemade pizza (and so do we!), so I always try to make sure I keep a stash of homemade sauce in the freezer ready for our weekend pizza-making activities. When I saw that my local greengrocer had some beautiful ripe tomatoes reduced for quick sale, I grabbed a couple of packages and made this simple and delicious sauce. It is so simple it’s one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type recipes. Continue reading

Magic Mince Mix

So you know how we’d all like to get our kids to eat a range of vegetables in their own right, willingly and without complaint? Yeah? Does that happen at your place? If it does, then you are one lucky Mum (or Dad). It certainly doesn’t happen around here. And so, like many mums before me, and many who will follow, I resort to hiding veggies in other stuff. Although unfortunately for me, the range of the other “stuff” I can hide veggies in is fairly limited. I think I have the only 6 year old who does not eat spaghetti bolognese, every mum’s favourite veggie smuggling dish. Seriously, what kid doesn’t like spag bol??

So this is where my Magic Mince Mix comes into play.

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