Pot roast finished

Beef and Red Wine Pot Roast

This is the most perfect winter comfort food. It’s just made for cozy weekends at home, where you can pop this in the oven and let it cook away for the afternoon, tantalising you with delicious aromas until dinner time. When you finally lift the lid, you will find meat that is fall-apart tender, and vegetables that have collapsed to make the most amazing sauce (which you can blend up to a smooth consistency if you have veggie-phobes in your house!)

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Roast Chicken Seasoning and Ways with Leftovers

You know that tasty seasoning that store-bought barbecue rotisserie chickens are smothered in? The really more-ish stuff that makes you want to eat all the skin? Well, I love it. And so does my 4-year-old daughter. But I suspect that there are probably some ingredients lurking in there that I’d rather we didn’t eat. And, like most things, making your own at home is so much cheaper. So, I set about coming up with a seasoning for my roast chicken that was just as tasty. And I think I’ve found it…I mean, look at that picture above. Doesn’t it make you drool? Continue reading