Honey and Soy Marinade

This is my go-to recipe for a simple marinade without the questionable ingredients (hello flavour enhancers) you might find in pre-marinated meat or in a bottled marinade in the supermarket.

It is super versatile and can be used on chicken, beef, pork or fish (especially salmon). Whether you’re having a poolside barbecue in the height of summer or craving slow-cooked comfort food in the depths of winter, this marinade has you covered. It even works as a stir fry sauce for a speedy mid-week dinner.

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The Easiest Slow Cooker Beef Recipe Ever

This really is the easiest of recipes. So simple it barely warrants a recipe. In return for 3 ingredients and about 1 minute of prep time to get this in the slow cooker, you will be rewarded with a house that smells amazing, and a dinner even the kids will love. I have made it on so many occasions and my family absolutely devour it every time. It’s perfect to serve as is with roasted veggies or mash and greens, on rolls or in wraps with slaw or in pastry as pies. And the added bonus? If you use a large piece of beef, you’ll end up with leftovers to pop in the freezer for an even easier meal another night. Can’t beat that!

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Pot roast finished

Beef and Red Wine Pot Roast

This is the most perfect winter comfort food. It’s just made for cozy weekends at home, where you can pop this in the oven and let it cook away for the afternoon, tantalising you with delicious aromas until dinner time. When you finally lift the lid, you will find meat that is fall-apart tender, and vegetables that have collapsed to make the most amazing sauce (which you can blend up to a smooth consistency if you have veggie-phobes in your house!)

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Magic Mince Mix

So you know how we’d all like to get our kids to eat a range of vegetables in their own right, willingly and without complaint? Yeah? Does that happen at your place? If it does, then you are one lucky Mum (or Dad). It certainly doesn’t happen around here. And so, like many mums before me, and many who will follow, I resort to hiding veggies in other stuff. Although unfortunately for me, the range of the other “stuff” I can hide veggies in is fairly limited. I think I have the only 6 year old who does not eat spaghetti bolognese, every mum’s favourite veggie smuggling dish. Seriously, what kid doesn’t like spag bol??

So this is where my Magic Mince Mix comes into play.

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