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Meal Plan Membership

Real food meal plans for real families with real budgets

Do you find yourself running low on time and energy to create healthy dinners for your family?

Are dinner times a battleground in your house?

Are you getting to the end of the week and throwing out food that you intended to use and never got ‘round to? (oh the guilt!)

Maybe the trips through drive-thru (or food being delivered to your door) have been creeping up and you know your family isn’t getting the healthy dinner they need at the end of a busy day?

If you are a family with lots on the go who wants family dinners to be simple, delicious and not cost a bomb – then The Fresh Fast and Frugal Meal Plan Membership is for you!

  • Save time, stress and money. Have your healthy and kid-approved dinners planned for you using whole, real seasonal foods.
  • Learn tips and tricks to get ahead in the kitchen and prep for the week ahead (no more feelings of ‘there’s nothing for dinner!’). 
  • Reduce waste by following a plan where all the ingredients are used across the week – no more throwing out veggies lurking in the fridge unused!
  • Cook extras to freeze for those nights when things don’t go to plan or you just need a break

Each month you’ll get:

  • 2 weekly meal plans with 5 recipes – using my 4+1 model – 4 dinner recipes that use common ingredients to save waste, plus a “double duty” recipe that you can cook as another dinner or as a lunch option for the week (or double batch and do both!)
  • A video introduction and prep guide for the week to help you get ahead, with tips for freezing meals, repurposing the leftovers and stretching your food dollar
  • Your shopping list of fresh seasonal foods and pantry staples needed to make the recipes
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where I support you every step of the way, with cooking help, Q&A sessions and live cook-alongs. Plus, I share with you how I plan and serve our meals to encourage the fussy eaters.
  • The headspace to think about other things other than what to make for dinner!

So how does it work?

The hard work of deciding and planning your family meals is taken out of your hands!

When you subscribe to the Membership you’ll receive login details for our exclusive member portal sent to your email address.  Meals plans, prep guides and recipes will be saved in the portal in PDF form so you can download and access them easily on your phone or device. 

Each Friday you’ll find in the portal a new package of resources with an intro video and recipes so that you can shop and prepare on the weekend – ready to face the week with ease (and don’t worry – the intention is NOT to have you spending hours and hours in the kitchen every weekend!)

And who am I to be helping you?

Hey, I’m Katherine McCoy and I am on a mission to make it easier for you to prepare real, tasty food for your family. What I am not is a Masterchef who will teach you how to wow your dinner party guests with creations worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. What I AM is a passionate self-taught home cook who can show you how to turn out meals your family will love – with maximum flavour and minimum fuss – without resorting to packets of “convenience” foods.

But most importantly, I will help you get organised in the kitchen, so that you can shop less, eat better, save time and save money while feeding your family delicious, nutritious food with less stress.

Fresh Fast & Frugal Meal Plan Membership Bonus!

While we are all about Dinners with ease here at Fresh Fast & Frugal, I know that so many parents struggle with snacks! That’s why, as a founding member I’ll teach you to: 

  • DIY some staples and lunchbox snacks to save you money and cut down on processed food for your family. 
  • Build a pantry of whole foods to prepare healthy snacks and baked goods for your family.


Each month you’ll also receive four bonus recipes!

  • breakfasts, snacks, staples and side dishes, or baked treats to freeze for the kids’ lunchboxes

 All for $27 a month!